Postnatal Planning Workshops

I'm sure you've thought about writing a birth plan, but how about a postnatal plan? 

People often focus on the birth, but less thought is put into what happens afterwards. Don't get me wrong, the birth is really important, but so is the postnatal period and goes on for a lot longer.

Those early days can be tough, confusing and you might feel overwhelmed. A lot of parents tell me they didn't feel prepared for the reality of a newborn baby, but with a bit of preparation this doesn't have to be the case.

I bet you've thought about buying pretty outfits, cot's, and various other baby bits, but there's a lot more to think about, including relationships, support, your emotions and lots of choices to make for your family. 

There is a lack of postnatal support in the UK, unlike some other countries where much more importance is applied to the 'forth trimester'.


I believe this has contributed to the high rates of postnatal depression and anxiety in the UK among pregnant and postnatal people. With a little planning and preparation, we can work towards a happy, informed and exciting postnatal period. Let's try to create some happy memories of such a special time!  

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During this workshop we will write a postnatal plan together, so you will be confident and excited as you step into parenthood, and you can leave the anxiety behind. 

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Discussion Topics
  • What to expect physically, emotionally and your recovery

  • Feeding options 

  • Your support system

  • Self-care

  • Roles and responsibilities 

  • Sleep and rest

  • Physical recovery

  • Feeding your family

  • Your romantic relationship

  • Debriefing the birth 

  • Hormones

  • Emotions

  • Bonding 

  • Honouring your placenta

  • Parenting in partnership

  • Mental health

  • Postnatal diets, exercise and health

Workshop Details


Please enquire for details about up and coming group sessions

Private sessions in your home are available

£250 for 2 x 2-hour sessions


Please get in touch to ask any questions or to make a booking