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Postnatal Doula

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How I will support you as a Postnatal Doula

Welcoming a new baby into your home can mean a huge transition in your life. I will be there from day one, or at any point afterwards in those early days. I will support you in a gentle way, easing you slowly into parenthood and encourage you to find your feet as new parents. I look forward to seeing you grow in confidence day by day. You will always take the lead and I will only be there on the side lines.

All families are different, so I will tailor a bespoke package to your needs.

  • I can support you with physical tasks, be a great listener, share practical knowledge and support you emotionally.

  • I can help with light household chores, prepare light snacks, offer information on physical and mental health (doulas are proven to lower the risk of postnatal depression), we can even de-brief your birth.

  • I can look after older children so you can focus on your new baby.

  • I can take care of your baby whilst you sleep or have a shower.

  • I can support you with feeding your baby.

  • I can show you how to change a nappy, make up a bottle and advise on general baby care.

  • I can support you in adjusting to a baby led approach in those early days and I can suggest various routines as your baby gets older, if this is the method you choose. I’ll even walk your dog if that helps!


The package will truly be tailored to your individual needs.

All the facts and knowledge I bring with me is evidence-based information and if there’s something I don’t know; I have a huge network of professionals on hand who will be able to provide information.

“Kirstie was warm and attentive, made suggestions and helped me to make my own decisions” 

Birth Doula client

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Postnatal Doula Package
  • An informal chat for around 30 minutes, prior to booking.

  • A bespoke package will be tailored to your families needs and duties can be kept flexible.

  • Support in your own home for an agreed number of hours (min 3 hours per day).

  • Overnight stay’s need further discussion, generally 10 hours minimum

Costs available on request (payment plans & give vouchers available)