Mother Blessings

I imagine you've heard of a baby shower, but not so many people have heard of a Mother Blessing. A Mother Blessing is a celebration of the mother and her transition in to parenthood. It's an intimate gathering inspired by an ancient Navajo ceremony called a blessingway. The ceremony is held to prepare the expectant mother for her upcoming birth journey, to shower her with love, support and encouragement.


The main focus of a baby shower is upon the baby, gifting presents to the baby and playing games based on the new arrival. During a Mother Blessing the mother is placed at the centre of attention and made to feel special, amazing and treated like a goddess.


Being the bearer of life should be honoured and celebrated, its such a miracle! 

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What happens during a blessing?

A Mother Blessing can be made up of many elements and would be bespoke to your preferences. It doesn't have to be a total hippy, spiritual fest, but of course it can be if you like. Essentially it's a group of friends meeting up and spending time together.

Mother Blessings are often full of songs, prayers, pledges of postnatal support, lighting of candles, affirmations, messages of strength and encouragement, pampering of the mother, music, lots of love, henna painting, oracle cards, yoga, healing, creating an alter, fear burning, feet washing, meditation, candle sharing, relaxation, massage, bead bracelet/necklace making, poems, vision boards, thread binding, smudging, togetherness, bonding, planning for the postnatal, food and anything else that makes the mother feel nurtured. 

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Package details
  • A two hour event filled with activities of your choosing. You will be provided with a list to choose from, including the activities mentioned above and a lot more. The content of the event will be tailored to your bespoke requirements.

  • Certain props for the event, such as, poem books, alter items, singing bowl, essential oils, incense, tea lights

  • Set up and removal of any props, activities and equipment (30 mins each side of the event)

  • Liaising with you to ensure the event meets your expectations (if you want to know what happens at your event) or liaising with a chosen friend if you'd like the event to be full of surprises.

  • Full event management, ensuring a successful Mother Blessing


£295 (additional costs may apply if you would like me to source extra props to the ones I already have)